Total Solutions

Total Business Management on Regional Base…

ValuePharma is structured and empowered to remain your SOLE BUSINESS PARTNER in the region of Middle East and Africa.

ValuePharma can provide the following services within a Complete Project:

Business Case Assessment and Strategic Planning
We believe that any START should be based on a long term strategic vision that is in cope with the   practiced business strategy of the principle developer … merged with the market business behavior in the MENA region

Registrations and Regulatory Affairs

Registrations of manufacturing sites remain the initial challenge kicking off any project forwards ! Registrations of manufacturing sites and preparation of products’ registration files can be performed professionally by ValuePharma staff and our contacts in the markets

 Distribution Networking
capacitating the future sales of the products planned for registration by the right distributor firm in each market within the region
On behalf of our principle, we do: select, communicate, and negotiate with the right distributor in each market to build up the distribution network for the products, in both private and public sales sectors.

Marketing the Products: Sales and Promotion
Building on the right calibers serving in the band management function, do own our promotional teams in all markets and directly monitor there in-market performance and train their developments forward.

Dedicated promotional teams are directed to the individual / closely related medical specialties to remain at best levels of: contacting, communication , understanding and service providing level … as well as, market feed-back collection for better communication message development and competitiveness.

Legal and Finance
We use our gifted experience to support our principles building up agreements at least risk level.
We negotiate on behalf of our principles to the best fare financial terms of the sales transactions.